Tasty Tuesday: Noodle Soup at Full Kee Restaurant in Chinatown, Washington DC

Full Kee Restaurant, Washington DC

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Out of convenience, hubby and I decided to have lunch at Full Kee as it was right across our parking spot when we dropped by Chinatown in Washington, DC on our recent visit. We did not have much time to walk around looking for a place to eat. He spotted Full Kee and declared, “We’re eating there!” Okaaay.

So, we went in and was casually welcomed by one of the personnel. She then handed us the menu. It was a bit rainy and chilly which prompted us to decide to get bowls of noodle soup. Hubby ordered his all time favorite wonton noodle soup while I ordered sliced pork and cabbage noodle soup . While waiting, we were served a pot of tea which is the usual practice in Chinese restaurants.

It did not take long for our noodle soup to arrive.

Hubby’s wonton noodle soup looked inviting. He said it’s as good as the noodle soup that we get from Wonton Garden in New York City’s Chinatown. 

My noodle soup with sliced pork and cabbage did not look as inviting. I expected sliced roast pork with my noodle soup. 

Reviewing the menu, I realized that there is a noodle soup with roast pork. I heard the error buzzer in my head. Oh, well! 

But, where is the cabbage? Four slices of cabbage do not make sliced pork and cabbage. Right? But, whatever!

The broth, I thought was bland. Unlike my hubby, I think the noodle soup at Wonton Garden is better. But the broth was warm and the noodles were al dente, the bowl served its purpose.

At the end of the meal, we did not get slices of citrus which some restaurants serve. We, however, got our fortune cookies. I love fortune cookies! After enjoying the fortune cookies, we went on our way with a little disappointment (on my part).

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