Memento Monday: Turkish Carpets and Rugs

This does not mean that hubby and I bought a Turkish handwoven rug or carpet as a souvenir. At $1,000 at the very least, these were a bit (more like really) way beyond our budget. Some couples in our group bought one for their homes. Buyers don’t get to carry them after purchase. These are delivered to where ever one lives. They have to be customs approved first. It takes weeks, I think. Who would want to hand carry a heavy carpet, anyway. 


Why are these so expensive? Turkish carpets are known for their great quality. They are made from the finest silk; and are very intricate.


Silk is unraveled from cocoons like thread from a spool. Picture taken in Cappadocia, February 2014.

It was so neat to see cocoons floating in water and with a sweep of a brush, there they were, fine threads that will be raw material for Turkish carpets and rugs.
The fine threads are spun by a wheel.

The silk are handwoven in different patterns to make carpets and rugs.


A Turkish weaver creating the pattern pictured on her guide.
Turkish weavers at their stations working on their projects.

The finished product are sold at carpet centers with much fanfare.


A Turkish salesman rolls out various carpets tempting tourists to purchase a carpet or two.

The tighter the silk are woven together, the more expensive they are. Like this one.

I really loved it, but it is one of the most expensive in the collection. 

Well, we have no Turkish carpet or rug for a souvenir, but we do have the memory of having seen so many fine Turkish carpets presented like a runway show. Good enough.

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