National Park Week: A Visit to Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia PA

It’s National Park Week! 


Film maker Ken Burns thinks the National Parks are “America’s Best Idea”. It definitely is a great idea! The National Park Service showcases and preserves what I consider America’s treasures – from historical sites to extraordinary landscapes and forests. The National Park Service protects these for America and the world to enjoy!


To show support for National Park Week, hubby and I spent Saturday afternoon at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia. It is considered “America’s most historic square mile” as there are many buildings of historic significance within its area. Sites that are associated with the American Revolution and the founding of the United States of America are in abundance here.

What to see in Independence National Historical Park?

Visitor Center

We started with the Visitor Center where there is an exhibit and film on the founding of the United States. It is where we picked up our tickets for the Independence Hall Tour. Tickets are first come, first serve; or guaranteed tickets reserved online for a $1.50 processing fee each. Early birds are likely to get tickets for the former.


Visitor Center entrance in front of the Liberty Bell Center
Inside the Visitor Center
A reenactor playing beautiful music for visitors

President’s House Site

From the Visitor Center we headed across the street to the President’s House where we saw what remains of the house that George Washington and John Adams lived in. There are informational materials on the walls and exhibits on slavery.


President’s House
Visitors in line to see the Liberty Bell. We were in line for half an hour. Tip: There’s no line in Winter.
Liberty Bell Center

The Center houses the world’s Symbol for Liberty – the Liberty Bell.


Independence Square

After a couple of selfies and half a dozen photos with the Liberty Bell, we proceeded to Independence Square. The square consists of the Old City Hall, Philosophical Hall, Independence Hall, East and West Wings of the Hall, and Congress Hall. 

The Old City Hall, now a gift shop


Philosophical Hall, headquarters of the American Philosophical Society

Independence Hall where the foundation of the United States was debated and adopted. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The East Wing used to be the library, now it’s the starting point of the Independence Hall Tour.
In The West Wing is an exhibit that presents surviving copies of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and Constitution of the United States.

Congress Hall where the inaugurations of Presidents George Washington and John Adams were held, respectively.

After touring the square, there’s the Constitution Center to visit. We opted not to go in this time. We did not have the time to spend. But here’s a photo from a previous visit.


Bronze statues of founding fathers on exhibit at the Constitution Center
Instead, we went to pay our respects at the grave of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers.


Benjamin Franklin’s Grave

That wrapped up our afternoon at Independence National Historical Park. It’s an afternoon well spent. 

For visitor information on Independence National Historical Park visit the website.

What’s the National Park near you?


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