Tasty Tuesday: Lunch at Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia PA


Rarely do we visit Philadelphia without stopping by Reading Terminal Market in 51 N 12th St. It is an enclosed public market with over 100 merchants. 

Map grabbed from Reading Terminal Market’s website.

The market is popular among Philadelphia residents and tourists alike. It is best to stop by before noon for lunch, or it’ll be a challenge to find a table for enjoying one’s food.

Lunch time crowd at Reading Terminal Market

On our latest visit, I decided to go Pennsylvania Dutch.


Since it’s Pennsylvania Dutch, I knew one of my favorite dishes, chicken pot pie would be on the menu.



So yummy! What a very satisfying lunch. Hubby ordered half a chicken at this barbecue place.



He loved it (I did, too. I had his drumstick. 😊)! For dessert, we usually stop by this ice cream stand.


But we were so full that we decided to skip dessert. We weaved our way through the crowd to walk to Independence National Historical Park.


I left happy. It was wonderful to visit one of my favorite places in Philadelphia. Until next time! 


10 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday: Lunch at Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia PA

      1. Just one of many delicious foods over there at Reading Terminal! Sang Kee’s makes a good duck dish if you enjoy duck! Just my random experiences they also have spots that make fantastic milkshakes I just love that place haha


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