Throwback: Buggy Ride in Amish Country

Lancaster, PA (September, 2010)

Oh, I loved the buggy ride we did in Lancaster, PA. The buggy is the main means of transportation for the Amish people who are traditionalist Christians. They avoid using any kind of technology. Hence, the buggy. Lancaster, PA is one of the places where there is a concentration of Amish population.

At The Amish Village visitors tour an authentic Amish farmhouse and learn about Amish history and lifestyle.
Amish youth out on a Sunday afternoon to socialize with friends.
The buggy which is drawn by a horse is a major means of transport for the Amish.

The buggy ride passed Amish farmlands. It was a very tiny glimpse into the Amish way of life.

Typical barn in an Amish farm

Part of an Amish farm
Field cultivated by Amish farmers.
Road leading deeper to Amish lands
An Amish buggy on a very quiet road

A unique and very interesting experience for me.


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