On the Net: Coming to America? Don’t Drink the Water and Other Tips from Around the World

I came across this article that gathered advice from travelers around the world on vacationing in the United States. Many made me smile and nod my head.


Are you coming to America soon? Maybe the tips from this article from Yahoo! Travel will help. 

Don’t drink the water: Visitors’ travel tips for coming to America


Travelers love coming to America, a land many of them have seen via exports from Hollywood. They rave about the landscapes, the recreational opportunities, the vibrant cities and the culture.

But like international travelers anywhere, foreigners visiting the U.S. from other countries can be flummoxed by some of what they encounter. Fortunately, their fellow travelers have plenty of advice. The picture they paint portrays Americans as relentlessly cheerful yet sensitive folks who just might raid your fridge.

What outsiders say about the U.S. will strike an American as very true, very strange, or both. Here (with some help from Google Translate) are some travel advice gems from around the world.

Click: Don’t drink the water: Travel Tips in Coming to America.


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