Free Friday: Fort Frederica Monument, GA


Fort Frederica National Monument is in St. Simon’s Island in Georgia, USA.  Archeological remnants of a fort and town from the 1700’s are preserved here under the care of the National Park Service. Visitors may enjoy the beautiful grounds for free.


The Visitor Center displays this wooden image of St. Francis of Assisi, my favorite saint (Brother Sun, Sister Moon, anyone?).  It was among the excavated objects on the site.


This is what remains of the barracks of the fort.


It was wonderful walking on the well maintained grounds and these trees. It was so peaceful. The breeze was pleasant as it cooled my face and gently lifted my hair.


This is the magazine of the fort where ammunitions and explosives were stored.



These cannons are on the riverfront side of the fort magazine.

The river in Fort Frederica
One of the monuments in the fort
The old burial ground in the fort

I love visiting historical places like Fort Frederica. It makes me appreciate more how this country came to be.


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