Blur: Making Friends on the Road 😉

Are you the type who makes friends while traveling? I’m a pretty reserved person and it takes me a while to be comfortable among strangers. But then, once I’m comfortable, I’m quite jovial.

I think, it takes practice to be comfortable enough to talk to strangers I’m traveling with in a group tour. 

So, I did some practicing.

Here I was trying to make a friend in Tallahassee, Florida.

That wasn’t very successful as you can see. I tried again with these folks.

Maybe running with these guys will earn me some travel friends in Jacksonville, Florida.


Alas, I was too slow. I was left eating dust! I’m not giving up. How about this guy? 

Hmmnnn…he’s too deep in thought to make friends with me. Still friendless in Washington, DC.


Seriously though, taking a bit of effort to make friends while on tour could make a trip more fun. I found this out when I forced myself out of my shell on a trip to Turkey and initiated a conversation with a mother and daughter traveling together. There was another mother and daughter in our tour group and hubby and I made friends with them as well. We had a lot of fun.

In Goreme Open Air Museum in Cappadocia, Turkey
Navigating the steep cobbled walks in the Village of Sirincé in Izmir Province, Turkey.
Enjoying authentic Turkish food in a cafe by the market square in Sirincé.

I’m glad I let go a bit of my reserve on this trip. Hubby was surprised I was chatty. It was worth it. Our trip to Turkey was one of the most enjoyable, ever. 

We and our travel friends hope to go on a tour together again someday. 


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