Tasty Tuesday: Siopao, anyone?

Siopao is one of my all time favorite Filipino snacks. What is it? Siopao is steamed buns. It may be filled with chicken, pork, or meatballs with salted egg. In the Philippines one can get either pork or chicken asado siopao and bola-bola siopao. Asado in the Philippines does not mean grilled. It refers to sweet tomato-based stew. The asado filling in the siopao is sweet and moist. There is a baked version of siopao I was happily surprised when Korean Air served baked siopao as a snack on our recent trip to the Philippines.   


The taste wasn’t quite the same. Siopao from my native land is the best. πŸ˜‰ There’s good siopao in my adopted country though.

Where to get siopao in the United States? If there’s a Chinatown where one happens to be, there’s usually a bakery that makes them. In New York City, I get them from Mei Lai Wah. It’s Mei Li Wah now. Just a little name change.

 Do you like trying food from other cultures? Try a steamed or baked siopao. Let me know how you like it. 😊


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