On the Net: The 10 Airlines With the Best Economy Class Seats

The 10 Airlines With the Best Economy Class Seats.


I have flown Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines, and Korean Air. These three made the list of Best Economy Class Seats.

The article is spot on. I was comfortable on the flights with these airlines. There was enough space to stretch my legs and to wiggle about. Aside from the space, these airlines left a great impression because of excellent service. 

The food was not only edible, but actually tasted good. One guy in my row (Cathay Pacific) got endless cup noodles. He buzzed the stewardess for one every two hours. 

We flew to Istanbul on Valentine’s week via Turkish Airlines. Passengers were treated to Valentine cupcakes. How sweet is that. 

Recently, we flew Korean Air to the Philippines. I enjoyed the Korean food on board.

Having flown international aboard a major American owned air carrier, I disagree with the man who kind of with an air of superiority commented that Korean Air is learning its good service from that airline. No sir, that airline needs to learn from Korean Air and the rest on the list. You don’t see that airline on the list, do you? 😉


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