Memento Monday: Starbucks Mugs

It’s amazing how ubiquitous Starbucks is. Almost anywhere one goes around the world, there is a Starbucks. Almost. I know there is none in Iceland and the gray areas on the map below.

Starbucks map from Wikipedia

My youngest brother is a Starbucks fan and he collects Starbucks city and country mugs. Family and friends take the time to contribute to his collection by bringing a mug from a trip or send him one where ever they are. 

Some of the mugs in my brother’s collection

Being the indulgent older sister that I am, and with a husband that reminds me when I forget, I too, take the time to visit Starbucks coffee shops and get a mug for him. Most recently, I bought him this mug from Washington, DC.  I believe this edition comes out during the Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Previously, I scoured (😉) the streets of London and Istanbul for these.

 These three are from my favorite cities. There are Starbucks shops in every block, it seems. It was not difficult to find one.

Starbucks coffee lovers are probably glad they could get a cup of their favorite coffee almost anywhere in the world.  I know Starbucks mugs collectors like my brother are.

Is there a Starbucks near you? 



3 thoughts on “Memento Monday: Starbucks Mugs

  1. There isn’t any Starbucks in Italy. I read it’s because our totally different coffee culture. We’re very good at making coffee, then very pretentious about it. Studies say we wouldn’t appreciate Starbucks so much. Personally, I wouldn’t mind. Except for the espresso though. The Starbucks one, let’s just say, is not good;)


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