Sunday Review: Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park

Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5

The lobby

My husband and I have stayed at this hotel a few times and we always got a good night’s sleep. We usually get the standard room with a king bed per request. Marriott standard rooms are spacious with plenty of room to move about. This time, we were placed in a handicap room. Neither hubby nor I are handicapped. Hopefully, we did not inconvenience someone who truly needed the room. I guess the hotel was full. By far, this room is the smallest room I have ever seen in a Marriott brand hotel. 

The little resting corner with the requested fridge

We got the king bed that hubby prefers. We also got the fridge and extra pillow he requested. With no extra fee. So, he was pretty happy. He had no comment about the cramped space.

King bed with extra pillow per hubby’s request

Entertainment and working areas

The hotel is located in a quiet area close to multi-story industrial offices. It exudes a private and relaxing environment. Restaurants are at least 5 minutes drive from the hotel which is not bad at all. Our stay came with buffet breakfast for two at Ellipse, the in-house restaurant. 

Ellipse’s bar

 There were various selections which are standard to Marriott hotels – bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs (omelet made to order), breakfast potatoes, fruits, yogurt, breads and pastries, coffee, orange juice, etc.  

Buffet breakfast

There is really nothing that makes this hotel stand out from other Marriott hotels we had stayed in. We come back because the area is quiet, away from bright city lights. Sometimes, we just want a good night’s sleep away from home. We got it, and a satisfying breakfast. 

Most likely, we are coming back.


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