Cruising Down the Potomac River 

The Potomac River, designated by former United States President Bill Clinton, as an American Heritage River runs through the states of West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and  the U.S. Capital Washington, District of Columbia.  

It has a significant part in US history. Today, it is a scenic and recreational area. Rowers can be seen out on the river even on chilly days.

 Cruising down the Potomac is a popular activity for visitors. March 21st marked the beginning of the Cherry Blossom Festival, an event that commemorates Japan’s gift of cherry trees to the US. The cherry blossoms were not out yet. Considering that it snowed on the first day of Spring which was the day before, there’s no surprise there. It is also the first day of the resumption of river cruises.

 Hubby purchased a $15 Potomac River Cruise for 2 from Travelzoo. There we were, on a chilly Saturday morning, at Washington Harbour ready to board the very first Potomac Cruise of the season. 

 The arrival of a group of Chinese tourists put our chances of getting on the Nightingale II in jeopardy. Tourist groups have priority boarding. After the captain checked, there was space enough for a few more passengers.  Thank goodness!Cruising down the Potomac gives a different perspective of the landmarks and monuments  of DC. At least, I think so. I like watching anything from a boat.

Kennedy Center
Georgetown University on top of the hill
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Memorial

Jefferson Memorial
Key Bridge

Planes about to land at Reagan International Airport loomed pretty close overhead. 

Before I knew it, it was time to head back.  

Washington Harbour

A Potomac River Cruise is an activity I’d like to do again. Hopefully, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.  


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