Tasty Tuesday: Dinner for Two at The Fourth Estate, Washington DC

The Fourth Estate is a restaurant at the National Press Club building in Washington, DC. DH (dearest hubby) found a deal on Travelzoo that includes appetizer or dessert, 2 entrees, and a bottle of wine or two glasses of wine, beer, or cocktail for $49 (reg. $105). We thought we’d give it a try. So on our visit this weekend at one of my favorite US cities, we had dinner at The Fourth Estate Restaurant We were seated at a table for two. A candle glowed from its orange yellow holder at the center of the table. The holder complimented the yellow flower that decorated the table. It was romantic, I thought. The plates are embossed with the National Press Club logo and carry its colors, blue and gold. They are too big for a table for two in my opinion. For starters, we chose salmon quesadilla as the waiter informed us, two could share it.  I liked the quesadilla, I could taste the salmon, brie, and mozzarella in it. A salad came with it which looked appealing, but I wondered why there was no dressing. I prefer my salad with dressing. Instead of asking for dressing, I decided to be creative and used the salmon spread for the bread. It’s the pink ball on the plate below. My salmon dressed salad tasted great! For entrees, DH chose rock fish and I chose cod. We love fish, as you can tell.   Hubby’s plate looked appetizing. The rock fish was seared served with fried almond potatoes, vegetables, and mango salad. He enjoyed his plate a lot. I’m not very picky, but I cannot say the same about my plate. I could hardly differentiate the cod from the rest of the plate’s content. It was seared and sat on top of couscous mixed with vegetables. The cod tasted like it was steamed. I thought, frozen and went straight to the pan? Just wondering. It was overwhelmed by the lemon vegetable couscous. I finished the cod as I hate wasting food. Needless to say, I did not enjoy my food as much as hubby did his.

One thing I enjoyed, however, is looking at the pictures on the restaurant’s walls. I had fun discovering who’s who in each frame.   


My favorite is Bill Gates drinking coffee. 

Would I dine at The Fourth Estate again? I probably would. With another Travelzoo voucher. Maybe next time, I’d enjoy my food, too. 

Rating: The Fourth Estate ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5 



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