Memento Monday: Freshwater Pearls from Palawan

Yes, fellow bloggers. I still have a few things in my Palawan experience box to share with you all. 😊 

Today, it’s about a family favorite, Palawan’s freshwater pearls. I say it’s a family favorite because it’s very wallet friendly. My mom, aunt, cousin, and I bought for ourselves as well as gifts for family and friends. The popular piece of jewelry is this.

The bracelet is made of cultured freshwater pearls. It works well with business casual and outfits that are a bit formal. 

Freshwater pearls are so cheap in Palawan because they are constantly harvested that there is an abundance in the market. 

They are lifted from freshwater mussels. According to, “Before reaching the market, freshwater pearls undergo some treatments and processes that make it into interesting pieces of jewelries. Freshwater pearls are firstly, sorted, according to their shapes and sizes. Then they are treated to chemical solution and bleached. After bleaching, they are polished to depict a shiny character. After they are made shiny and glittery, the freshwater pearls are attached to strands and other materials to create pieces of jewelries.”

Freshwater pearls are a popular choice for Palawan visitors. The jewelry made of these pearls are not only elegant, but most importantly, are wallet friendly. Absolutely my kind of memento. 

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