Throwback: Sunfest 2013, Palm Beach (with Ed Sheeran Performance)

The temperature is in the 40’s in my neck of the woods this week. After all the freezing temperatures of the previous weeks, 40’s is almost a heatwave!! I love it.

To celebrate the fabulous rising temperatures I’m posting Sunfest 2013 in Palm Beach, Florida for Throwback Thursday with a clip of Ed Sheeran on stage.

It was my first and only Sunfest to date. There was a bit of a drizzle when we went. It did not stop people from coming.

There were three performing stages to visit. Each stage featured different artists at designated time slots.

Ed Sheeran had only one popular song then, The A Team. I was with my mom, brother, aunt, and hubby. Not one of them has heard of him. I still dragged them to where he was about to take the stage.

There he was, an artist not only about to take the Sunfest stage, but the Billboard charts for weeks. It was the highlight of my day.


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