Memento Monday: Baseball Caps

It seems that everywhere I go, there is always a baseball cap souvenir for visitors to buy. I have bought a few, but only use one when hubby and I go on summer trips.

But like other mementos they remind me of trips from years past. The NASA cap was from a road trip to Florida when we stopped at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. I was awed by everything. Just the idea of space travel amazes me. Faced with its history and what has been achieved, I could only say, “Wow!”.

Then, there’s this one that I got from the gift shop at Niagara Falls. What a beautiful natural wonder Niagara Falls is. I would love to go there again.

My CNN cap offers the best memory. Hubby and I visited the CNN Center. We were not planning to do the tour. But as we were leaving, a couple offered us their tickets as they were running late for an appointment. They handed us the tickets and off they went. We went on the tour and enjoyed it. 

These life sized images of my CNN idols made my day. ☺️

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