Sunday Review: Holiday Inn Makati, Philippines

It seems to me that Holiday Inn hotels in Asia are way better than their U.S. counterparts. Granted, we have only stayed in three, two in the Philippines and one in South Korea, but still. The Holiday Inn in Makati is a great hotel to stay in. 

It is connected to a mall housing stores that I am not scared to shop at. There are hundreds of affordable restaurants to choose from offering all kinds of food from Asian to American to European. Location is definitely a plus for this Holiday Inn.
Our room was modern, clean, and comfortable. 

I loved that a complete grooming and hygiene kit was provided for guests. No need to call the front desk.

I wanted to get the little bear in the room as souvenir, but the tiny thing’s price gave me quite a shock.

 Our view was the Makati skyline crowded by skyscrapers. Not bad. 

I give the staff five stars for service. They were all professional and helpful. It’s the people that make a difference, I think. A welcoming staff could make guests’ stay. The staff at this Holiday Inn definitely contributed to a pleasant stay. 

Kudos, Holiday Inn Makati. Keep up the good work. We will stay here again when we are in the area.


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