Tasty Tuesday: My Filipino Fastfood Favorites

I can’t believe how ubiquitous popular fastfood chains are in the Philippines. It seems like there is one every two blocks. They’re everywhere like Starbucks. I’m talking about my favorite fastfood chains Chowking and Jollibee.
Chowking serves food that takes inspiration from Chinese dishes.

There are various noodle dishes, dimsum, and steamed buns.


Their breakfast menu features snack time favorites served with egg and rice. Like this siomai bowl. Customers may order coffee with it or a drink of their choice, either juice, iced tea, or soft drinks.

Jollibee is a McDonald’s inspired chain. It serves burgers and Filipino food inspired dishes.

The menu has changed a bit since I was last in the Philippines. Jollibee is more like KFC now. The menu screams chicken.

A favorite of mine, palabok which is thin rice noodles in shrimp sauce, is still served but no longer prominently promoted. Hmmnnn…

Rice, of course, is served at Jollibee just like everywhere else in the Philippines.
Fried chicken and rice is popular.

I missed these fast food chains. Once in a while I crave something that I grew up with like food from Chowking and Jollibee. It was great reliving memories when I visited.


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