Tailwind Scare

Not that I was really scared, I was more impatient rather than scared. But most of my travel mates were. I learned afterwards my vacation could have been delayed or cancelled! Whaaat???

Our pilot had quite a challenge landing in Puerto Princesa airport due to very strong tailwind. Tailwind? Now, I have to google what this thing is.

Apparently, landing with tailwind is not easy. It requires more runway.

Not only does it require more runway, but also experienced pilots have more success in landing safely. I owe an apology to our flight captain for thinking he’s a neophyte. He landed the plane! I found out that a few planes were refused landing after three tries of unsuccessful tailwind landing. That made many vacationers unhappy. I feel for them. But here I am. On the ground in Puerto Princesa.

And I am ready for some fun in the sun!




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