Free Friday: Take a Walk by Saebrut in Reykjavik (7 Photos)

A free thing to do in places I visited.

Saebrut is Icelandic for by the sea. A walk by the sea in Reykjavik is not to be missed when one is in the city. The view is a visual feast. Across the water stand mountains which are snow capped in the winter.


Moving north, one sees sculptures that invite perusal and serves as interesting photo stops.

I do not know the story of this sculpture, nor who the artist is. But it is big enough and unique enough to require a stop for pictures.
Walking on, Solfar or the Sun Voyager, attracts attention. Sun Voyager is a sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason. According to the artist, it is a ship that symbolizes the promise of new, undiscovered territory.

The Harpa, a concert hall and conference center, stands in the distance arousing curiosity courtesy of its glass walls that reflect the sea.


One could continue walking to the Harpa and the Old Harbor or stay a bit more to take in the view.

Whichever visitors decide, they would be glad they made the effort to walk by Saebrut.


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