Kensington Palace, London

I was so excited to visit Kensington Palace. All I knew about it, I am not ashamed to admit, was that Prince William and Duchess Kate resides in an apartment there.
Aboard our flight to London, I happened upon a movie titled “Young Victoria” on the entertainment list. I learned that Queen Victoria was born in Kensington Palace and lived there until she became Queen in 1837. This surely hyped up my interest in visiting the palace.
The palace had several exhibits on display when we went. One of them is Fashion Rules which showcases a collection of HM The Queen’s, Princess Margaret’s and Princess Diana’s gowns.

A tour of one of the royal apartments showed a throne room, gowns from the Victorian period, and children’s furniture among others.



The opulence of Royal life in the past never ceases to amaze me. Strong women like Queen Victoria who stood their ground amidst the politics of their time and a period mostly run by men is fascinating. To me, Kensington Palace is worth a visit.


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