Tasty Tuesday: Pizza, Anyone?

Mmmmmm…pizza! For some reason, anywhere I go a slice of pizza always appeals to me. It’s the same thing with noodles. I could be in Turkey or Iceland, but I’m eating pizza. Or a bowl of noodles. I’ll share my noodle adventure some other time though. Today, I’m focusing on pizza – the 3 pies that made an impression in 2014! 😋😉😊

Number 3.

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant near the Spice Bazaar that I ordered this Turkish Pizza from. It’s on a prominent building on the left when one is facing the bazaar from the tram stop in Eminönü.
I was so hungry that I could not think of anything else but chowing down.
I liked this pizza simply because of its unique shape. It’s definitely not from my local pizza place!

Number 2.

I like this pizza because of its Asian flavor. Korean Barbecue – yum! Plus, a dollar went to the Make-a-Wish Foundation for every order of this pizza at California Pizza Kitchen.

Number 1.

My most favorite pizza in 2014! The Old Harbor wood oven pizza -tuna, shrimp, kelp, mozzarella, pesto, and mustard sauce, from the kitchen of Satt Restaurant in Iceland. It’s signed Icelandic in every bite. Delicious!

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