The Blue Lagoon (Part 2/2)

The Hot Pool

This was an experience to remember. I did not expect to enjoy The Blue Lagoon so much. But I did! Hubby and I both did.

The lagoon offers various experiences for visitors – standard, comfort, premium, and luxury. The differences among the packages can be found at the Blue Lagoon website.
I booked the standard experience for my hubby. It includes a visitor pass and entrance to the hot pool. I booked the comfort experience for me. The package includes a visitor pass, entrance to the pool, towel and robe, a drink from the pool bar, algae mask, and samples of Blue Lagoon products.

My hubby did not miss out on the drink because I shared mine with him as well as the algae mask.
We were advised to put on the silica mud mask for 10 minutes, rinse it, then put on the algae mask for 10 minutes, then rinse. The algae mask is available at the bar. I must say, my face felt supple. 😊
After the facial treatment, we tried the waterfall massage and the sauna. It was a whole afternoon of pampering that we both thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend the experience.



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