The Blue Lagoon (Part 1/2)

The Blue Lagoon Tour

While browsing The Blue Lagoon’s website, I came upon a page that describes a guided tour of the lagoon. I thought it would be great to learn about The Blue Lagoon before taking a dip at its hot pool.

My husband and I enjoyed the tour immensely. Our guide, Hildur, related how the idea of the lagoon came about. The Icelandic people believe in elves. She told us how for two years the lagoon’s construction was besieged by problems until an elf whisperer told the management to carve a mail box on lava rock and send a letter to the elves explaining what the construction is about. After that, construction went on smoothly. Today, the elf mail box is part of the lagoon restaurant’s wall.

The tour included a walk through the premises of the lagoon including the outside, the viewing deck, and the restaurant.



We were also treated with cocktails and hors d’oeuvre.

While enjoying our food, Hildur showed us ingredients for their products.

At the end of the tour, Hildur gave us lava rocks taken from where The Blue Lagoon stands.


Not many take The Blue Lagoon Tour, I am glad my husband and I took it. It added to our experience at The Blue Lagoon.


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