Sunday Review: Satt Restaurant, Iceland

Satt Restaurant, Reykjavik

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

On our last night in Iceland, we had dinner at our hotel’s restaurant, Satt.
My husband ordered the catch of the day which was smoked Icelandic char while I ordered the Old Harbor wood oven pizza -tuna, shrimp, kelp, mozzarella, pesto, mustard sauce. Delicious!

The fish was cooked properly and the risotto that came with it was al dente. The pizza could be shared by two people. We had 4 slices and brought the rest to our room.

Hubby also enjoyed the famous Icelandic beer called Gull which according to our waiter is the best in Iceland.

The prices, of course, are a bit expensive, but everything is expensive in Iceland. It was a night for a treat. We ended our meal by sharing marinated pears with chocolate mousse and ginger ice cream. My husband and I were very satisfied with our meal.

My only complaint was upon checkout of the hotel, we found out that the restaurant charged somebody else’s dinner to our room which more than doubled our bill. Thankfully, this was resolved at the reception desk when we presented our issue and we got refunded.

Obviously, the customer who signed the bill, a certain Clarkson, did not read the names on the charges before signing it. The server most likely misheard the room number Clarkson gave. There’s miscommunication here and we almost paid more than a hundred dollars for it. This issue aside, the food is good and we loved eating at Satt.


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