Wild Horses

“Wild wild horses, we’ll ride them someday…” – Rolling Stones
I was not brave enough to attempt to ride a wild horse, but I very much loved getting close to them in the well preserved natural habitat of Cumberland Island National Seashore managed by the National Park Service. There, wild horses roam free and left alone. There are no veterinary interventions done, nor are the horses provided food. They live off the wilderness. The only thing that the National Park Service does is keep tabs on their numbers. Today, there are at least 120.

This one is pregnant, and would not let the van through. In Cumberland Island, wild life is the boss!

The closest I got to them was a few feet while they grazed under the shade of a tree at the island’s Settlement.

It was amazing, being close to the wild horses. They ignored me the whole time, which was my preference. 🙂


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