Cumberland Island, GA

Cumberland Island National Seashore, GA – If one is looking to get away from the noise and crowd of the city, this pristine island is a perfect choice. The National Park Service limits the visitors to this 36,415 acres island to 300 per day.
There are many things to do in Cumberland Island. Visitors could hike, camp, hunt, fish, star gaze, bird watch, swim, bike, comb the beach, and take pictures of pristine maritime forests, undeveloped beaches, and wide marshes.


My hubby booked the Lands and Legacies Tour for us conducted by a Park Ranger.


It is a whole day van tour to historic locations around the island like Plum Orchard Mansion, the Settlement, the Wharf, and other sites.



I loved watching the wild horses as they grazed.

Visitors need to bring their own food. There are no stores in the island. The only inn, Greyfield Inn, is a distance from the National Park Seacamp dock and only caters to their guests.

There are plenty of picnic areas for visitors to enjoy.


It was a great day experiencing the beauty of Cumberland Island National Seashore. I would gladly go back to enjoy more of it.

Those who wish to visit may book reservations at Cumberland Island National Seashore.


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