A Lesson On Kebabs

In my neck of the woods, kebabs refer to skewered meat, fruit, or vegetables which are either grilled or roasted. This, in Turkey, I learned, is shish kebabs.



There are other kebabs. Such as the döner kebab which is roasted on a vertical rotisserie and sliced thinly. In this part of the world, it is widely known as “shawarma” or “gyro”. This type of kebab is served in a sandwich or a wrap, or on top of pieces of pita bread. Like the famous Iskender Kebab.


Then there’s the Cappadocia specialty which I am very partial to – the testi kebab. It is slices of meat and vegetables stewed in a sealed clay pot over fire.

To serve, the seal is broken and the testi kebab poured on a plate.



There are other types of Turkish kebabs, but these three, I had tried. And they were delicious! Lezzetli!!!


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