Drive Thru BBQ from South Carolina’s BBQ Trail Map

A BBQ Trail! I was excited to get a hold of a map of South Carolina’s BBQ trail. Sadly, the following day hubby and I were headed home. It was good to find out, however, that the sort of BBQ fast food restaurant that we had dinner at the night before is on the list. I say “sort of” fast food BBQ because customers have the option of drive thru ordering or dining in. You know, like at McDonald’s or Burger King. It is so cool that the South have restaurants where one can drive thru for BBQ spare ribs! The name of the place is Maurice’s BBQ. They serve chicken, ribs, and burgers.

We chose it because it was the closest BBQ place from our hotel. We hesitated to get in as there were only a few cars in the parking lot, keeping in mind the idea to eat in places where there are a lot of diners for that means the food is good.

I was tired and hungry, so we went in and ordered. The food, ladies and gents, is good. I liked the BBQ ribs and chicken combo I ordered and my hubby liked his chicken.


I would have preferred less gravy on my rice though. I decided to take my chicken back to the hotel for midnight snack. The BBQ ribs serving with the rice and bread roll were enough to fill me.
Maurice’s it turned out, is an award winning BBQ place. Rows of framed awards are on display by the entrance.

It’s a great place for casual dining. I loved that we were seated by the fireplace.


South Carolina is proud to be the only state that offers four choices of sauce for their BBQ: light tomato, heavy tomato, mustard sauce, and vinegar. Customers can buy bottled sauces at Maurice’s.


Maurice’s has eleven restaurants in the Midland of South Carolina. So, when in the area, consider stopping by one of its eleven branches and check it off on South Carolina’s BBQ Trail Map.



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