South Carolina State House

Elegant. This is the word I would use to describe South Carolina’s State House in one word.

Outside, it is not as impressive as Pennsylvania’s State Capitol or as breathtaking as Utah’s State Capitol.

Inside, however, it is in my opinion, a reflection of the South’s elegance.

Pink Tennessee and Georgia white marbles highlight the State House floors.

Blue granite, South Carolina’s state stone, make up the building’s foundations, walls, and columns.

I love the wrought-iron staircases and banisters decorated with yellow jessamine, the state flower.

The inside dome is a false one; created to enhance the interior’s visual appeal.

A mosaic glass showing South Carolina’s Seal overlooks the main lobby and is a source of pride for South Carolinians. It is original to the building, dating from the 1800’s, and made of 37,000 pieces of glass.

It was such a delight touring South Carolina’s State House. Although this is a second visit to have my hubby’s Capitol Collection book stamped, it felt like I was seeing it for the first time. When in South Carolina, take a peek of the State House’s elegance. You will be impressed. Promise.


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