Bathed In Luxury

I swear, the expression “bathed in luxury” must have originated from Arkansas’ Hot Springs. Of course, I may be wrong. But Hope Springs’ Bathhouse Row surely gave me that impression.
The time was early 1900’s. Fordyce Bathhouse was built to provide the ultimate service in hot spring water therapy. A glass stained window alone cost $1600. That is a fortune! Even today. This was one of the windows…

The bath stalls were made of marble and terra-cotta tiles and the bath tub was deep enough one could float in it.

After emerging from their hot spring bath, the men lounged around in their fluffy bath robes in the bath lounge. One can’t miss the fountain in the middle of the room. How’s that for luxurious!

They then got dressed and played some pool in the parlor.

Meanwhile, the ladies chatted while someone played the piano.

These are only a few of the many rooms at Fordyce Bathhouse that attracted many visitors to this structure that cost almost $.25M in 1915. The feature that I loved the best is this.

Stained glass ceiling from Italy, no less!


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