Yes, I’ll Go To Chinatown!

“You’re not going to Chinatown, are you?” I was asked before hubby and I left for London. Whaaat? Of course, I’m going to Chinatown! I love going to Chinatown. Wherever it may be.


San Francisco:


Washington, DC:

or, New York:

No way was I going to pass up the opportunity of experiencing Chinatown. I love Chinese food. Where else can I have authentic Chinese dishes outside of China?
In New York, hubby and I like 456.

The Crab with Salty Egg Yolk is a favorite of mine. We have it with fried rice, lo mein, and shrimp any style.

In D.C., New Big Wong serves these mouth watering dishes:


In Philadelphia, we like Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House. They serve excellent noodle soup.

Across the street from Nan Zhou is Bread Top House which sells steamed buns, a family favorite. The bakery sells various desserts. My favorite, however, is neither bun nor pastry. It’s the fried shrimp dumpling. Yum! I do not have pictures. Sadly, I always forget to take one before I gobble them up.

Wonton Garden in New York offers a variety of wonton soup. We order to go Wonton Soup with Noodles. Another place that is a must for us is Mei Li Wah Bakery where we get steamed and baked pork buns. Hubby likes the combination steamed buns.
Going to Chinatown is a trip for us. So, are we going to Chinatown? Yes! Where else would I get a bowl of this?



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