The State House: Augusta, Maine

October 18, 2013

Our revisits continue with the goal of having hubby’s The Capitol Collection booklet stamped. I had forgotten the charm of Maine’s State House. It sits on a hill which makes it quite imposing.

There is a simplicity to it that draws the eyes towards the exhibits without the distraction that sometimes elaborate architecture brings.

I love this staircase with a huge painting of George Washington greeting visitors on the landing.

Even lovelier viewed from the second floor.

In Capitol visits, it is a must to see where the House of Representatives convene.

And where the Senate meet.

Hubby likes to take a picture of the dome of each Capitol we visit. I totally understand why. Domes are fascinating. Don’t you think so? He would have enjoyed going up, but it was off limits.

Have I mentioned the view? I could sit all day looking at this and be inspired. Sometimes, all we have to do is Look Outside. 😉

It was fun revisiting Maine’s State House and remembering what we did the first time we came.

Mission accomplished!



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