5.5 Days in England (Road Trip 1)

September 19, 2013

This was a very exciting day! Hubby and I ventured out of London in a rental car. Stick shift, baby!!

It’s been a long time since hubby had driven a stick shift, so it was a bumpy ride at first in the cute little red car that we rented.

The roundabouts were a challenge, let me tell you! But, thanks to Google Maps, we got to our destinations.
Where did we go? First stop was Stonehenge! I have always wanted to see this structure.

The ingenuity of the people who put this up awes me. Not quite, as tall as I thought, the Stonehenge still amazed me. I am so glad I had the chance to stand a few feet from it.
Next stop, Salisbury Cathedral!

We did the Tower Tour in this impressive place of worship. The engineering work and foresight of the people who built this blow my mind. Geniuses, that’s what they are. The view from this church with the tallest spire in England as recorded on the Guinness Book of Records took my breath away.




Once again, all the aches and pain on my bad knee was relieved by the breathtaking view from a tower. ☺️


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