5.5 Days in England (Part 4)

I loved this day! Hubby and I saw more than what was in our itinerary. Our original plan was to do this:


But we went to more places than planned. Our day ended up looking like this:


We did tweak our itinerary a bit. Hubby was so excited to do the Saint Paul’s Tower Tour that we skipped The Tate Modern Gallery. First, we went to do the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Tour. I like a little bit of Shakespeare. Don’t you?

Model of the Globe Theatre


Pictures from the inside of the theatre


We dropped by Borough Market for some pie with peas and gravy at Pieminister‘s stall. It was delicious!

Then off to Saint Paul’s Cathedral through the Millennium Bridge. The view from up there is breathtaking.


We did a lot of walking and climbing steps on this day. At the end of the day, all I wanted to do was take off my shoes and rest my feet on a footstool.

From Saint Paul’s, we walked to The Monument, a permanent memorial to the Great Fire of London. It’s 311 steps to the viewing platform. It was not easy climbing the spiral staircase. My effort was rewarded with this view.


From The Monument, we went to the Florence Nightingale Museum.


The highlight of the day for me was the ride on the London Eye. When we arrived at the site, the Eye was not in operation for technical reasons. We had half an hour before our scheduled ride, so we decided to hang around for a bit hoping that the issue will be resolved at our appointed hour. It was! Up we went for the half hour ride. The view is spectacular!!

LondonEye2 LondonEye


It was a marvelous day touring London!


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