5.5 Days in England (Part 3)

This day’s itinerary is the most over hauled. The plan was to go to these places.

But what we got to accomplish was visit only the following:

Once again, we had to be flexible with our plans. It’s Changing of the Guard day at Buckingham Palace. We could not pass up the opportunity to see it.

After the Changing of the Guard, we walked to Trafalgar Square intending to do the Rock n Roll Walk. However, when we arrived at the meeting point, it rained. A two hour walk under the rain did not appeal at all. So, off to the National Gallery we went. There are so many collections in the National Gallery. It would take weeks for visitors to see all of them. There is a one hour audio tour that features the highlights of the collection. After an hour at the National Gallery, we hopped on a bus headed towards Kensington Palace. It was so convenient that the bus stop is only a couple of minutes walk from the National Gallery. In other words, just across the street. There is one thing that puzzled us. What is this blue rooster doing outside the National Gallery?

The exhibits at Kensington Palace did not really draw me in. But it did make me more curious about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The movie “Young Victoria” which I watched on the plane on the way home fueled this curiosity. I’m proud to say that I have read the book “Queen Victoria”. It’s free on Amazon.
Here are some pictures taken at Kensington Palace:




On paper, it seems like we did not do a lot on this day. That’s only on paper. It took a whole day to do this. Cross my heart. 😉


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